MK 123 - Rolling Clock

Could it be possible to see the circuit graph? It would help a lot, I understand that pictures can make life easy but circuit graphs make it better to me, thank you.

You can find it here:

I found the circuit diagram at to be incomplete. Perhaps it would be possible for Velleman Support to correct the diagram, or post it in another format, such as .pdf.

Sorry, this is the only diagram available.
Can you please let us know what you think is missing on the diagram?

The components are shown, but a number of connections are not. For example: R2, R8, R9, and R11 are shown without connections. Many of the return paths of the LEDs are not shown. Several connections from the IC go nowhere.

The image is a bitmap and is imperfect. I have tried various programs and operating systems to open the file, without change. I have created a copy of what I see in .pdf and will send it to you if I may have an e-mail address. You have my e-mail address if you wish to communicate with me directly.


Sounds like you need to put the diagram in full screen and the zoom in.
The connection should show up then.

Thank you. Enlarging the drawing in Microsoft Word 2003 allowed the connections to appear. The experience of attempting to view the MK123 circuit diagram has led me on a somewhat unwilling adventure that increased my knowledge. I now know that the Windows Meta File contains BOTH bitmap and vector graphics.

Now, on to the business of troubleshooting my grandson’s first attempt at electronic kit building…

Thanks again,


Noticed that the schematic for the Mk 123 Clock is not found by explorer today, 9/13, when it was yesterday, 9/12. For some reason the web page is not found. Was wondering if I could get a copy emailed to me also, would like a copy of Mk 117 De LUx Xms tree schematic. It helps if needed to trouble shoot.
Thanks, Leonard Pattillo

Both diagrams have been mailed to your address.

Could it be possible to see the circuit graph?, I can’t get those 2 links open…so can somebody send me that circuit graph?, thank you. email address is

Hereby a link to the schematic diagram:


Is it possible to get programmed PIC16C54C flowcode document for MK123 rolling clock?
I know that my PIC is programmed but im going to make few changes to it…and i want to be sure that if i make something wrong and clock stops working i can return it to normal…

Sorry, there is no documentation available.

Here is the schematic for the Velleman rolling clock display kit. I looked high and low and everywhere to find a schematic better than the .wmf file which is about impossible to open and then when it does in MSPaint program, lines are missing etc. So heres the official link to the correct, complete schematic!

Complete Schematic can be found here: