MK 102 acting up

I just purchased a MK102 today, and I was so happy because I finally built a kit that worked. Well not so fast, after a while it starts acting up and then stops blinking all together. Now ld1 blinks and ld2 just stays on. any suggestions please. And I thought my soldering was perfect on this kit.

This might be that one of the components maybe installed backwards.

Can you post a picture of the top side? … =folder%2c

Here are some pictures but I don’t think it is of the top side, but after plugging a battery in this morning all is working as it should. Is it possible that it just got too hot?

I wouldn’t think that would be the problem.
If you have a magnifying glass you should look at all of the solder joints

Looks like some solderings might need a bit of rework, but make sure you do not overheat the pads.
You’re getting there, keep up the good work :slight_smile: