Mikroe Assembler

Here is a quote from someone who has been programming for awhile:

Then there is a built-in assembler by Mikroelektronika, which is part of their different language/compiler suites for PIC. If you are looking at example code that came with the
Mikroelektronika PIC board then most likely that code uses the Mikroelektronika assembler, which has slightly different syntax for invoking subroutines and function calls and register
definitions compared to the Microchip assembler. (see the Mikroelktronika assembler language reference, installed as part of installing the relevant Mikroelektronika IDE)

Mikroe just does not have an Assembler IDE.

Like their C,Basic and Pascal IDE’s.

Smart move. Microchip assembler can be used. So showing Mikroe assembler would just muddy the water.Confuse new users or just about everybody.

Guess Mikroe programmers like to use theirs better.

Have a nice day