Mic amplifier


I have a microphone like this one hiwtc.com/products/ts-34ap-m … -10806.htm (not really this one, my mic comes from a Sony speaker). I connected the mic to the pre amp K1803. I thought it was made for that but it doesn’t work. I don’t have sound while I connect the K1803 to my computer.

In order to be sure the problem does not come from the mic, I connected the K1803 to the headset output from my PC and the output from the K1803 to a Jawbone. The sound was less than half the power of the sound directly connected to the Jawbone.

Do you have an idea to solve my problem? I have the same result on 2 different Velleman Kit.


Electret microphones need a power supply before they will work.

Thank’s but it does not explain why the sound is at a lower volume when I connect the K1803 directly from a PC to a Jawbone.
I will try tomorrow for the mic