Melted nozzle first time with abs, working fine with pla

Bought last friday my printer. It took me 1 and a half days to mount it. The first try it works all ok with PLA ( 2 pieces printed) 210º. I tried to print the same piece with ABS on 245º. When it was heating the print nozzle melts. Its garantied covered? Can I ask my seller to replace the pieces? otherway How do i have get a new HE 1.75mm-NO035 and HE 1.75mm-IG? Enverything else work correctly by the moment.

Here u can see a picture of the fail ( I took off the piece to examinate it): … mbrxXbynFa

sorry about my english.


Carlos Monroy

Well, that’s quiet melted :open_mouth:
You can contact Velleman: support[color=#FF0000]at[/color]velleman[color=#FF0000]dot[/color]be
with the partnumbers, a good explanation in English and your home address.

I think they will post here also something in your thread to help you in this process.


The PEEK part only starts melting at a temperature of 320°C, is it possible that the thermistor was incorrectly positioned and as such measuring a lower temp. than the nozzle actually was.

I checked the position or thermisor twice ( when i mounted it on) and again when took it off and it was correctly positioned, as per the instructions on the web. Could be It that the temperature sensor reading submit any errors or it were damaged ? However it worked properly with PLA, without overheating.

Where I can get the broken pieces ?

Thanks for replying

You can send an e-mail with your problem and address to supportatvellemandotbe.

You MELTED the metal nozzle?

I did, but I have no response to date. Nor have had my local dealer “Electronica embajadores”, even though I record that has required several response of the Spanish delegation of the Company velleman occasions.

Assuming that this forum is read by the staff of the velleman company, if they continue like this, I will be forced to return the equipment resulting from a breach of the provisions of the Spanish legal system:

1 THE Article 123 of Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, states that the seller responds faults that become apparent within two years from delivery (March 2014).

Unless proven otherwise, is presumed faults that become apparent within six months after delivery of the product, be it new or second hand, already existed when the thing was delivered, unless this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the product or the nature of the lack of conformity.

  1. Unless proven otherwise, the delivery means made on the day indicated on the invoice or purchase ticket, or on the delivery note corresponding delivery whichever is later.

  2. The seller must deliver to the consumer or user to exercise their right to repair or replacement, documentary proof of delivery of the product, stating the date of delivery and the lack of conformity arising from the exercise of the right.

Similarly, with the repaired or replaced product, the seller shall deliver to the consumer or user documentary proof of delivery stating the date thereof and, where appropriate, the service performed.

2 In accordance with the provisions of Article 12.3 of the Law of the Retail Trade products lasting nature, consumer and user is entitled to an appropriate service and availability of spare parts for a minimum period of five years from the date that the production has stopped.

Failure to obtain adequate and quick response, You will force me to exercise all rights under the law.

Sorry to read you did not get a reply from your distributor.
We’d be happy to check if your mail got trapped somewhere.
Can you please let us know from which address your mail was sent and if possible, please send it again.