Measuring 128 Kohm Thermistor

I am measuring 128 kohm instead of between 70 and 100. Is that a problem?


May not be faulty. Possibly the 128k ohm was at a lower ambient temp of 25°C.
and Temp heater block lower than 25°C.

Did you measure this in circuit?

The most accurate and the most reliable measurement is when you disconnect the NTC from the circuit and only measure the NTC wires only at Ohms. Depending on ambient temp and heaterblock temp, the value should be between 70 & 100k Ohm (room temp +/- 20 - 25°C). Nominal ref temp of NTC is 100k ohms at 25°C. Other ref temps: 0°C = +/- 311.5k ohm => 100°C = +/- 7.378k ohm.

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