Hi i have a problem after finishing my printer k8400. i’ve install the firmware for 1 head with arduino 1.0.6, after doing this upgrade an error is displayed on the screen err: MAXTEMP
so is it a problem with wirings or with firmware ?
thanks in advance for your help =)

What temperature is displayed on the LCD screen for the print head?

Check the screws on the top of the print head assembly for the thermistor.
Make sure they are tight.

Hi the temperature displayed on the lcd is 0° =/
when i turn on the printer, it already displayed err: maxtemp
I tighten the screws but it continue to display that error =/
is it possible for the problem to be related with the software ?
when i’m doing load abs i can heard that the fan are beginning turning, but the filament isn’t moving so i dont know if the problem is related ?
Thanks for your help
if you have any other solutions that i can try ^^

The two problems are related.

I am assuming that you have connected the large cable to the print head after you did all of the checks correct

check the wiring to make sure you did not mix up the thermistor wires and the heater wires.

Disconnect the wires for the thermistor from the green connector.
Check the resistance at room temp you should see around 100K ohms.

The filament will not begin to load until the print head gets to 210C

thanks, that was the wires on the printhead as you said ^^
now the “load filament” works fine , i can now start to print ^^
thanks you all for your help=)

Glad to hear everything is working.