Max capacity K8012 charger

Dear Sirs,
I am considering a K8012 charger kit to keep a 12V/ 80Ah ships sealed lead acid battery under charge during the winter season.
The manual (p.16, Trouble Shooting) says:

If the unit never leaves the charge cycle, this could point to either a defective battery, a too low charge current setting or a battery with a too large capacity.

My question is: what is the maximum battery capacity that can be handled by K8012 ?

I understand that if the battery is flat it could take 80/1*1.2 = 100 hours or 4 days to fully charge it but we can live with that.

Kindest regards,
Pieter Jacobs
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This charger has been designed to charge small sealed batteries for e.g. alarm systems, motorcycles, electric tools, etc…
20Ah is the max. capacity that has been tested.
If the battery is fully charged before it is stored for winter, it should work fine.