Marlin 1.1.9 custom firmware

Tired of waiting on a never coming firmware update, I gave it a go:


  • Better calibration
  • Vibration handling
  • Soft endpoints
  • Fixed under extrusion
  • Better menu with more options
  • Smoother movements on corners
  • Smoother homing
  • Changed filament loading procedure as the “about 3cm” was just meh
  • Official custom bootscreen
  • Different filaments loading


  • Velleman mentions
  • Some Velleman deprecatd modifications


  • Support for heating bed
  • Better menu
  • Better settings menu that allows editing calibration and bed leveling
  • Bug fixes


  • Printing
  • Print pause
  • Print resume
  • Filament load
  • Filament unload
  • Filament change during print
  • SD card printing
  • Octoprint printing
  • Calibration
  • Bed leveling

You only are responsible for using this firmware

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Added wiki that explains it all

Thanks for doing that.
Did you leave the K8800 board def or made your own?

You’re welcome! The board defs are the same of course, though I started altering it for heated bed support as we habe a 14v output on the board and pins for a thermistor. The option is off by default but I altered marlin to let you enable a heated bed and set the pins on the fly

I found this on Thingiverse. Maybe useful to verify the improvement of the bed leveling.

My first test on the old firmware looks like Emmentaler so I have to first check if I also have some mechanical issues.

@Psycho what do you think about babystepping? I think it is sometimes nice to have, if you see the 1st layer is does not stick or is to thin.

Sure, babystepping is a nice feature imo, could make first layers almost perfect, if the calibration and bed leveling is good enough. The question is just how foar from the official firmware do we want to go? I’m ok modifying everything but I want all these to be turned off by default, so the printer stays very easy to newbies. The idea is that we can turn these settings on directly on printer. But as I’m discovering now, turning the bed leveling max grid points into an option is quite complicated :slight_smile:

Well I tried your stl file. After the outside wall the vertex crashed in the bed. To me it looks like the acceleration is too high, no sure though, investigating, but be careful with the actual firmware

Is it me or do you also think DELTA_FEEDRATE_SCALING makes it move in a weird way? To me it seems less delta correct than without (1.1.4 velleman doesn’t have it)

Maybe have you tried without? I think that there is something corrected twice feel like effector speed is a function of the radius so inside is slower then outside.

PS its not my stl.

PPS I also run the susisStrolch’s speedtest Printing like paradise and I think at higher speeds it is less smooth than with 1.1.4 but maybe I memorise it not correctly.

Yeah, I meant the stl you shared. The scaling makes the delta feed rate applied to the effector and not the sledges, but imo it’s weird, might be interesting for a vase mode maybe, but having the scaling on a solid print makes the head movement unequal on the layer. You, tried the stl your shared on 1.1.9?

here are my my first thoughts

here is a Video printing with 1.1.9 from @Psycho (Implemented #4)

I think it speeds up outside is slow in the middle.

pictures with 2 first layers Emmentaler style 1.1.4 in the slightly better one I used ‘Babystepping’ to fix it a little. Against the light 1.1.9 1st Layer no holes but not perfect.

1.1.9 failed 0.17mm vase style test print took 54 minutes and failed + stronger wood pattern.
1.1.4 in gold took only 35 minutes almost no pattern visible.


Filament Change:

  • I don’t like the extra click in the menu.
  • Sounds are almost not to hear. :hear_no_evil:
  • Extruder behaves strange: fist it lifts to parking position and retracts, pause, then it spits out a tiny bit and removes the rest of the filament.

Pause always purges first.

Calibration is not in top level menu anymore. :cry:

“Set vertex height” does calibrate height
if I want to set / change height I need to click many times until I find this well hidden feature.

What is the meaning of ‘Level bed:off?’

I want the % plus the progress bar back. The bar alone does not help me much in estimating the rest of the print time.

So I hope you don’t mid the lot of negative feedback above. I like the rest very much! :+1:

Can you implement these features please:
‘extrude more or done’ menu after load Filament
move axis Z faster

Not at all, I don’t mind! I appreciate even

  • I don’t like that feedrate scaling, I’m taking that off, for me it’s more important that the extruder moves at a linear speed.
  • Set Vertex height does calibrate the height. You have to save the settings
  • Level bed on/off is the status of the bed leveling. It stays on after a bed leveling until a homing
  • I’m not sure what extra click you are talking about?
  • Sounds are set same as 1.1.4, that’s strange, I can tune that up
  • Filament change has changed since 1.1.4, there’s a 5sec delay to cool the filament. Retract->Delay->Purge
  • About the percentage I can see to add it
  • Extrude more after load is also on my mind since over a year :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the comments, but I’d be more than pleased if you were to write down these different tasks in different reports on github so I can keep a track of the todos

One maybe a little stupid question that I have:
How stock is this firmware? Did you leave the logos during boot for example? I like things being left to stock as much as possible but I know that having the latest marlin helps a bunch. That’s just my pet peeve :stuck_out_tongue:

If you changed something I don’t mind since all the work you’ve put into updating the code I might put a little more and fork your repo :slight_smile:
Thanks again for all of this, I think I’m going to update today.

As to the first layer being like emmentaler (like that comparison a lot) I combat it by printing it extra thick like 0.2mm.

The modifications are declared on the wiki… It’s Marlin stock, with my logo. You can fork of course, but PR’s are welcome

I am also struggling to understand the purpose of this code branch. It is not clear to me which of the claimed improvements are code changes that you made, as opposed to features of the central Marlin code base.

As Marlin continues to be enhanced, how do you plan to keep your branch up-to-date with the latest code?

Did you consider making a pull request to the main Marlin repository? Then your K8800-specific enhancements could be incorporated into the code base for all time. I think that by maintaining your own branch, you may quickly realize why Velleman themselves rarely update the official firmware release.

1.1.9 is the last 1.1.x release :slight_smile: last 8 bits release. There’s no more developement, only fixes from time to time to 1.1.9 branch.

And as of what changes by who, everything is explained in the wiki in What’s new

First Test with Jan-10th version:

  • Trying to print the damn…stl hammered the nozzle into the print bed after 2nd wall
  • Test cube (vase mode) printed w/o artefacts with 0.175 layer height
  • max speed in front of the pylons, minimum inbetween

I guess the crash is because of bedleveling. I‘ll try the UBL.
The speed may be a result of 60 segments/sec. Will try with 120 and larger buffer.

The wiki descriptions are very terse. I really cannot tell from that which changes you made, as opposed to which ones came along "for free’ with the latest Marlin.

It would be helpful if you could outline what actual code changes you made and why. If you have found bugs in the Velleman-approved firmware, it would also be helpful if you could document those.

@SusisStrolch using the git branch? Be careful, not everything is tested

The last parts states what I did in the “My changes VS Velleman” ???

The rest is here: