Manuel wanted for Micro Processor Timer ( not sure: K2545)

[ENG] I am looking for a manuel for a K2545. Velleman “Micro Processor Timer”
This kit is probaly sold in 2000. On “Marktplaats” je wil find a picture of this module.

I was not able to copy it into this maessage.

The custumersupportdesk refers to:


This product looks almost the same.

Power suply 12 Volt AC
Back-up: 9Volt Battery

Please help me.

Whit Regards,


I’m sorry for my Englisch.

Is it possible that you mean the Kit K1682 Micro processor Universal Timer ?
I have the manual for this project. I’m searching for the XTAL driver (or schema) for this kit and this is the K2545.


I am looking for the manual of K1682. Do you still own it? It would be Great help!