Making a led driver board/ soundboard combo for a lightsaber

Yes I’m planning on making my own custom led driver/ sound board for my son’s and daughter’s lightsabers that Im starting to build.
The led driver needs to have a extension/ retraction (scrolling) effect for the led string blade on power up and down. A static shimmer / flicker or candle effect, a flash on clash effect. These need to be synced with the soundboard that can be programable with a power up/ down sound font, an idle hum sound font,3-4 random swing effects sound font triggered by a swing/ motion sensor, and 3-4 random clash effect sound fonts triggered by the clash sensor. as well as 1-2 accent led pads. I plan on using 4AA batteries at 6 v. Im not use to this kind of electronics so I some direction and need to know what exactly I need to pair together with the PIC to get this made. Please help

Sorry, this calls for a complete custom design. Unfortunately, this is something we do not offer.

Do do happen to know where I should start or who I should go through? Maybe where I could get a schematic done?

Most local toy stores sell lightsabers these days in all shapes, sizes and colors; even replica’s are available on the internet