Maintaining your Vertex Nano


Couple of days ago, I finally finished building / completing the kit Nano. I think the hardest part was the bed-bold underneath and then setting pressure on the belt without the bold falling out, or the screw going not alligned to the belt so you will have a risk when in use the pressure on the belt drops (tip: of you dont want to glue things, what i did, was cutting a old nfc card (can be a old creditcard or bankcard) folding it half way and cutting out the half of that, so you have like a L shaped card with a peace out of it, this way you can place the bed holder and adjusting it without that it drops; I also suddenly had the problem with the magnets that where in the holder, they just decided to go to the other side… and if they get energy, (you put in because you try to remove them) they get even stronger. pff. Only thing that irritates me is that sometimes when the Z-axis is going Up. I here an annoing squizing sound but i cannot find out where its coming from , everything but really almost everything has oil.

This brings me to the real question: what to lube and what not to ? - i mean, on the X y Z axis and anywhere where you have to put oil? is there like a short list of it ? i never put oil on the engines or inside the electronic parts, or belts… but i cannot find it anywhere clear, maybe spreaded to all the pages, as a tip “you have to lube this well”… would be great to have a short checklist or something, so i know i am oiling the right parts …

thanks in advance Robert

Hello r0b3rd,

Oil only these parts of the Nano 3D printer. But use not to much oil (just a little bit).
Thus the X, Y, Z - rods.

Best regards,
Velleman Support