Magnets K8800 Delta


when I print, I regularly have an arm that comes off and that makes my impression! I changed the magnets but the problem returns. Sometimes I can print for 9 hours without a problem.

Could you help me because this is a really annoying problem.

Thank you in advance,

Similar issue for me. At each start of a new print, the printerhead moves to the back to get the extruder started while it leaves a little material. Always when the printerhead reaches that particular point, one magnet drops losse. I put it in place and the print continues without further issues. So, I can remedy the issue, but still a bit annoying. Would also like to learn how to structurally fix this.

Solved the problem for myself and just maybe, it will also be a solution for Ghost.
Between the feeder and the printhead cables and filament run through a (in my case) black tube which goes down in a spiral towards the printhead. My tube was too far down, close to the printhead (about 3 cm). Looks nice, but when the printhead moves to the outer positions, the black tube is too rigid to follow and bend as required. Hence, it puts a force to the magnetic balls to push them loose.
After moving the tube upward leaving about 4cm of free cable and filament tube exposed, it is flexible enough to not loosen the magnets. So, if Ghost still has this issue, check whether the prints are very wide (reaching the outer diameter of the printarea or high reaching the top. In those situations I can imagine the tube will again work the magnets out of position.

Anyway, hope this post helps other (new) users in case the meet the same issue.
PS: Do not shorten the tube or work it up too high, as the losse cables will then pose other issues.

Print speed can also be an issue here - I wouldn’t run my K8800 faster than 45mm/s - the arms can come off mid print, I’ve seen it happen. Slow is the new fast it seems :laughing: