Location of small fan on print head

Hi, I have the feeling that the small fan isn’t providing good cooling to the end of the 1st print nozzle (i’m waiting with the second right now). It seems that all airflow is blocked by the Y rod. When I feel with my hand little cooling is applied to the print spot.

I’m thinking of moving the small fan one to the right, so that it is only connected by a single screw instead of the two right now. I’m printing a small piece of PLA (test print for 3D Hubs) and it gets a little saggy even though i dropped the print speed to 20% using the lcd panel.

It is a simple test, i just loosened the left bolt on the fan and flipped it aside to check. I’ll let you know if the results are better.


I want to make another one, that also cools on the back.

Careful: the PEEK isolator needs to be cooled at all times or you will run into problems…