Link to data for Velleman PCS-500

I was looking for some information to repair my old Velleman PC scope, and noticed that the link in this thread: PCS500 "no hardware response" error was dead.

Thus, I registered on this forum and posted a new link to where I uploaded my old copy of the file, in case somebody else came across the post and couldn’t find the file.

Almost immediately, the moderator VEL450 removed my post with no explanation, and then closed the post so that I wouldn’t be able to ask why. He also doesn’t reply to messages.

I always held Velleman in high esteem, but one has to ask why somebody would want to invest in equipment where the company’s support staff are actively and insultingly removing support information for older products, regardless of whether the reasons are sadism or laziness.

I’m sure this post will be removed as well, but let it be known that I uploaded the file to and that the SHA256 sum is c9d67350225afbd6544b65515b485772009934ebdee321b520bb7fd254141951

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hello savi !

From time to time some spamming are done on this forum, and this look like a radom link to a posible virus …

and your link is invalid … ! a bad forum formating edit ou copy and paste ? But last part is working … after editing :

and as this product is lableled as “DELETED” see
this is kind of a kill order for maintenance … yes sadely for owner of this devis like you this will be hard to find some helpfull information …

And admin not responding to private message is a way to ask to create a topic … or there inbox is over flood ?

Sorry i hope one day i know a simple and maintenable solution to save this kind of data file …

Good day !

Hello Savi,

First of all, we would like to thank you for taking the time to share the link on our forum. And our excuses for removing your topic with the “strange” external link.

However, this is about an older product, which we no longer support and the product page has been taken offline. We therefore archive the corresponding posts based on this.

External links are automatically flagged by our spambot, so that there may be a delete based on this.

In future, it might be better to share a link through one of these services: google drive, one drive
or We-Transfer.

The topic has now been re-opened. But post with not working strange link, remains deleted.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support.

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