Lightweight PLA with Vertex Delta

Has anyone managed to set up a profile for lightweight PLA using this machine. I can find no info anywere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Badvok

Hi @Badvok,
A bit late, but this I found general:
The main input variables to control the expansion are speed, temperature and flow. This allows users to vary density of the material for different parts of the model.

We use the following 4 step process to determine the maximum expansion at a certain speed, temperature and flow.

Print cubes at a set speed in temperatures varying from 200°C up to 280°C
Measure perimeter thickness of each cube, note temperature with highest expansion.
Print cubes with decreasing steps of flow, using temperature found in step 2.
Find the cube at which perimeter thickness equals nozzle size.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,