Left extruder noises

I recently installed the second extruder & hotend.
Everything prints fine with the left extruder, but it is noisier than the right one, making clicking/clanking noises as though there was a clogged nozzle for example. Also it’s quite loud on retraction. I also found that when I unload filament (PLA) on the left, the end of the filament seems to stick in the bowden tube or the extruder unit - I need to use a pair of pliers to drag the filament out.

I plan to disassemble the extruder soon but if anyone has had similar experiences, or has ideas what I should check for I’d be grateful. As I said it prints fine but I think it may indicate a problem waiting to happen.


The tube that you had to cut and install of the isolator make sure it’s the correct length and cut square.
If you are printing with PLA 190C works best.
In the Cura configuration change the retraction to 4mm and the retraction speed to 110mm