Led display

Here we go without a computer, actually easier than it first appears to and it works great, thanks Velleman
is there anything I need to change besides firmware


No sure what you mean.
Is it working correctly?
If so then you do not need to change anything.

Please excuse me, my English is not good…

I have the controller VM8201 for two weeks and the controller works well. Only if you want to change the language, you must do this in the Marlin software.You do this in the file “language.h”. However, an error is here. It work only the languages English and Italian. The definition of two variables is missing in the other languages. Please VELLEMAN, check it and correct it.

I’ve seen in the firmware, there are ‘Filament change’ in the menu. How do I choose the point? Where is it hiding?

Also I miss an intelligent menu for the replacement of the filament in the point "Printer Pause’. Often, I need that to stop the print and continue to print with a different colour of filament. The software should save the coordinates at break, lift a few millimeters z drive. x and y drive to zero position and keep the temperature. Here I would like to change the filament and prints continue. Is it possible to integrate this feature? This works fine with software Repetier-Host.


What language would you like to select?

i.e. German. For it is to be chosen in language.h the option Number 4.


The compiler send error message:

‘MSG_CNG_SDCARD’ was not declared in the scope

It mean error in ‘ultralcd.cpp: In function void lcd_main_menu()’

Here two variables are not defined. In addition, are not indicated the German letter ä, ö, ü and ß in the display correctly. However, this can be changed: ä=ae, ü=ue, ö=oe and ß=ss.


I had forgotten:

The variables are defined in the file language.h in the area ‘Message LCD Menu’ of the respective language.

In the german area i.e.:

#define MSG_INIT_SDCARD “SD-Card initialisieren”
#define MSG_CNG_SDCARD “SD-Card wechseln”

That’s all. Then it works.

No, it work just fine, what I was wondering is there some changes in the pid settings or firmware that we did before with arduino I mean when switching between different hotends, heatbed as I do on a large scale depending on the task, also change steps when you run the GT2-20 belts and pullyes, so I dont need to connect it to the computer to make those change, I can see all the settings is visible in vm8201 menu so I guess its possible to do it direct via the vm8201 modul


can you make it in dutch?

Yes I think you can

Menu definition
At the start of the file you can select the language for your menu. #define UI_LANGUAGE 0
0 is english, 1 is german and 2 is dutch. With some luck nice users of the firmware will contribute additional languages. To define your own language go into uilang.h At the end you will find this, where you can write your own translations:
// *************************************************************************************

[size=50]24V 10A 210x210x3mm glass on standart heatbed 3 springs supported
and RepRap MK2a heatbed
GT2-20 belts and pullyes, all endstops changed
VM8201 LED Display,Zaxis flexible coupler
E3D V5, RepRap V2 ,J-Head Mk 5 ,3DMPTECH[/size]