LCD panel doesn't work

Hi everybody,
I received my 3d printer a few days ago. When I tried to activate it for the first time the LCD panel only showed 2 black lines on the display. I tried looking and seeing if all the cables are securred but with no succes. I am new to the 3D printing world (my first printer) and really would love to start printing :slight_smile:
Any help would be great

A possibility is a bad soldering.

My scrollwheel stopped working, and a resoldering fixed it.

So it may be worth the while to check for bad solderings.

It also happens that the 2 parts of the LCD panel are not correctly plugged in. Try removing the back PCB and put it back in place keeping an eye on the connector.

i removed the back pcb and put it back but still the same problem. any other ideas?

okay i found the problem. one of the pins was bend and i fixt it. thanks for the help

There is a small hole in the front for the contrast adjustment.
Have you tried that?