Lcd issues, possibly bad board?

Hello, I’m having the exact same issue as what’s been posted here:

It doesn’t appear this issue was ever resolved.

My printer has been sitting for several months now due to parts issues (i replaced some hotend parts because they got gunked up REALLY bad due to some belt skipping problems). When it was last used, the display worked just fine.

I finally got my parts today, got everything reinstalled per the manual and this is what I ended up with when starting my printer up:

I’ve recompiled and reflashed the correct firmware for my board, etc, just to be sure that’s not the issue but no changes. The solder joints all appear to be okay and I’ve verified proper connection with the rotary encoder board.

My bigger concern is that, when plugged in, the mainboard appears to be heating the hot end and the terminal for the “heated bed” that, you know, doesn’t exist. I eventually had to unplug the hotend connector just to be safe and prevent overheating things.

To the point, does anyone have any suggestions on how I might resolve this issue? I’ve followed just about every bit of troubleshooting I can find for these displays on this forum and I’ve made no progress. I can only suspect that something is bad however without a spare mainboard or LCD, I have no way to properly test.

Barring any assistance, how might I go about contacting Velleman for support, repair, replacement, etc?

I purchased this printer less than a year ago, as such it should be under warranty as outlined in their warranty terms.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone might be able to provide!

Just an FYI - if your system was working when you last used it, re-flashing the firmware is almost NEVER the solution.

When storing your printer for extended periods, you should disconnect the power to prevent damage from electrical surges, and you should NEVER manually move the axes at high speeds when the printer is powered off - you don’t want to see the LEDs lighting up on the controller, even though it is protected to some degree against this.

Some things to check:

First, if the firmware thinks there is a bed heater, then you probably are not using the correct firmware for your machine. Please verify that you are using a Marlin version that is correctly configured for your Vertex, or disable the bed heater in Configuation.h. (Could you post the link to the firmware image you are using?)

Next, you should always issue the following command pair after re-flashing your firmware, to ensure that the EEPROM settings are formatted correctly. (You will lose any configuration changes you have saved.) Connect to Repetier and send M502 followed by M500 to reset and save the “factory” settings, as set in Configuration.h of your firmware.

Also, please verify that you are using version 1.0.x of the Arduino IDE. Newer IDE versions use library code that is not compatible with the original firmware.