Layer shifting vertex nano

Hello i have problem with layer shifting while printing
Sometimes is good but mostly 3d print getting destoryed :confused:
I checked every motor and rubber lines etc Can someone help? I dont understand![]

Hello @OverPL
Maybe you will find some tips (lubrification, flow …) in :

Otherwise :
Cleanning the rod before lubrification, alignement of the elements of the belts, belts tension …, no movement hard points (too mutch friction)…
Have a nice day !

My y-axis motor working good and in time is trying to spin but it can not and making sound like it is stuck. I guess its cuz of not good flow and not good lubrification then :slight_smile:

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Fixed after adding bike oil everything works perfect Now my nano printing better then 3d printer of my friend for 1k$ so im surprised :smiley: Have a nice day!

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Well done :+1:
Nice to hear that’s its working again, and with good quality. :wink:

Lubrication of the rods are importent for Nano, but use not to much oil.
Belt tension also importent.

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