Layer shift double nozzle print

Yesterday i started printing the vertex bracelet to test my double nozzle printing. It went wel for ±5-6 layers and than the head just replaced itself and started printing a new layer not on the previous layer but with een offset.
I tried printing it 3 times but he always did the same thing…
Anyone knows what the problem could be?

thnx and grtz


Most probaly your XY axis aren’t aligned correctly when no power is applied they should move freely without using to much of force.

Sometimes a little bump to the axis will do the trick.

Also this could help a bit … _Alignment

I printed the sticks to aligne the X and Y axis and luvricate it regularly. I ditn hear any scraping of the nozzles against the printed layer so i dont think it is the alignment
that makes the problem.

ooh i see its with 2 extruders.
This means you didn’t sliced you object correctly.

Could you post the gcode?

How can i send this G-code?