Layer Height

I see the layer height for the K8200 everywhere specified as 0.2-0.25 mm. The k8200_pla_standard.ini file even specifies 0.3 mm. That doesn’t sound very good, as other 3D printers out there work with layer heights of 0.1 mm or even smaller (i.e. ultimaker).

What is your experience? Is the k8200 not able to work at less then 0.2 mm, and if so, why? Is the quality of prints by k8200 comparable to ultimaker?

Hi athena,

I have printed at layer heights even below 0.1 mm, and it works well. However, the printer comes as a kit, so you have to build it with care to minimize errors due to mechanical issues (vibration, axes not square etc.). Furthermore, you have to find the right parameters for your objects and for the filament you’re using, otherwise printing quality will be low. This holds especially for such high-resolution prints. But it’s basically the same for all non-professional 3D printers.


Hi all,
I’ve been using my printer now for two weeks and after some improvements, I have only been printing at 0.1 layer height since a couple of days, with the standard hot-end and o,5 mm nozzle. The results are absolutely great!
The improvements I’ve made are mainly on mechanical stability of the system; you’ll need those because otherwise you will not be able at all to see what the k8200 is capable of when printing at 0,1mm.

These improvements are:
A flex-coupling between the z-axis motor and the 8 spindle.
I also added a second ball bearing at the bottom of the spindle to improve stability.
But the most important is that I redesigned the “nut-holding part” of the carriage: the original plastic part has a too wide mechanical tolerance as a result of which the nut can move a bit; not much, but enough to make the carriage position insecure, and that spoils the printquality. I am now using a larger 8mm nut (actually such thing to connect two 8mm rods, for which I do not know the English name) for which I re-designed and printed the plastic part, and it works great!
Furthermore I have added a few things to tighten the timing belts, as in the original k8200 the belts may easily cause vibrations of the frame. That also helped a lot.

hi majapinca,

Can you please explain what you mean by “nut-holding part”? How does your change improve the print quality?
Can you add some pictures?