Latest printer firmware based on most recent Marlin


I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the very latest version of the firmware for the K8400 (not the V1.4 provide by Velleman). I was recently looking at the Marlin-github page and found a version for the K8400 that was recently updated. However I’m not sure if this is a good version or not. Does anyone have any experience with this version?

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Hi Ruben,

Velleman has indeed posted an update to the firmware, since the release of the printer & a download link is available on this forum. There is also - at least - 1 custom made update available somewhere. If you need the links, let me know - I still have them somewhere.

However… after updating, several users commented that their printer was now having issues (you should be able to still find these posts here on the forum).

As a result, I have downloaded the Velleman official update & stored it, but I never updated my machine: it still runs the original firmware.

And - perhaps - because of that… my printer’s still working perfectly & has no issues whatsoever: just saying… So: unless, of course, you have a problem or challenge to fix… :sunglasses:


Be warned
If you do the upgrade make sure the printer is not plugged into the mains.
If it is while doing the up grade the print heads will turn on and damage the heat isolator.

I didn’t have any real big reason to update the machine, just wondering :slight_smile: but since people are having trouble, I’ll leave it be

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I just copied over the configuration files and built version 1.1.x and got it to work, just made one print though, did not have time to fiddle more. I wonder if there are any other changes that must be made? Mesh bed leveling seems to be new useful functionality - you can level with the rotary knob next to display and it should compensate for bed unevenness also.