Large prints issues

I’m having trouble printing anything larger than a Benchy…
The first layer is not sticking beyond a few centimetres from the center.
Tried to decrease the sensitivity on the piezos and re-calibrated, then the first layer looks nice, but after a while it stops extruding, just chopping on the filament.
Getting tired of this printer, this is my first “almost-complete-printer”, built two printers before, one mainly with scrap parts and one a cheap i3-clone from Aliexpress. Both of them works way better than the Welleman.
Anyone has a solution?

Hello Devrope,

If the first layer is not correct, it could be due to a calibration problem. (even though the printer says “calibration ok”).

These troubleshooting tips can help resolve the error.
There may be several. check these tips step by step, and solve the problem where necessary.