LABPS3003SMU switching power supply

Hi All
I hope this is the correct forum.
I have a Velleman switching power supply and I use it to supply current for electroplating.
I use the Cc, or, constant current mode. I follow the directions of having both voltage knobs turned to the right for CC mode and the current knobs turned to the left, all before turning on the PS. When I turn on the unit the disply shows 0.00 for volts and current. My issue is that as soon as I start to turn the major current knob it’ll go to .2 or .4 and then to zero within a second of turning the knob. I cannot get any current out of it thereafter. What is going on here? For this current job I only need a half-an-amp and I can’t get any. I have ohmed out all my connections and all is good. I am on a 15 amp circuit with no other major loads on it. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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