LAB-1 soldering station problem?

I just bought a LAB-1 at
The soldering station looks different from the image on the website and in the manual.
Also, the manual mentions a bit holder, which I don’t seem to have.
The big problem is that the soldering station can’t be screwed in tightly,
because there is no hole for the screw…? This can’t be right, or am I missing something?

Public photos of my soldering station part: … dVTTJCdER3

Thanks for your reply.

The ‘bitholder’ is the part that screws onto the soldering iron, to keep the bit in place. Your soldering iron has been assembled at the factory, so you should not worry about this.

Regarding the screw, most likely you received a more recent version which provides better support for the iron and which does not feature this screw.
Normally, the iron support should fit snugly into the plastic part, so that it does not come out when the iron is manipulated.
If this is not the case, a drop of glue can help.

Sorry for the inconvenience and please let us know if you have any other problems.

Well yes, it fits ‘okay’ (it slides in well) but it does feel quite loose.
There is a screw at the back, so I should just remove this one?
Or should I use it to try and tighten it to make the screw press against the black foot?

If there is a screw, then please fasten it.
We thought you said that there was no screw?

[quote=“VEL417”]If there is a screw, then please fasten it.
We thought you said that there was no screw?[/quote]
Well, there is a screw… but no hole for the screw…?
(The iron holder in the manual seems to have a hole though)
So I can only screw the screw against the black plate,
but that doesn’t really feel right or robust…


Ah, OK.
No, this is correct, there is no hole.
Normally, pressure is enough.