I would develop a custom application to control the robot.

In detail how can I send commands to USB interface? (ex. move M1 Clockwise)

I prefer use Visual Basic 6.0, but every tool is the same…

If there are referred links of knowledge base please post me.


Search the forum, lots have tried before

I found only this topic !

…that does not explain anything…

I search also for ELAN USB driver…

…but I does not find anything (also in internet) …

So, if you are in the Velleman staff, can you find the engineer that’s develop the project and post only the ABC to start to work ?

It’s no possible that velleman does not deploy any starter kit to work with the Robot like as USB EXPERIMENT INTERFACE BOARD that is a very pretty interface !!!

There are other posts of people who have tried to control the robotic arm with their own software

BUT, since the KSR10 is not made by Velleman, we can’t help with its protocol or how it functions internally because we don’t know ourselves. We developed kits, scopes, but not the KSR10…

Anyhow, a solution will have to come from reverse engineering the robotic arm, and some people seem to have succeeded even though i imagine it is very tricky

Hi Velleman Moderator,

Please can you supply the KSR10 usb board/chip manufacturer?

fttb :smiley: