KNS15 kit - tech info wanted

Want to use KNS 15 motor kit to make a fruit fly trap for wine cellar and bottling area. kit is discontinued. looking for spec info (amp) on motors and wiring diagram. There are 2 motors and 2 batteries. 1 each? wire in series/parr?. My plan is to assemble and use the motor kit to power a pair of fans which will “suck in” the fruit flies drawn to bait and will end up in a dumpable container. Also thinking of a similar unit to be placed in a kitchen window near the sink. Fan motors will be solar powered. also could use rechargable batteries that have been charged by solar charger.

Hello @guitarfogie

Indeed the KNS15 is out of our product range.

A simular motor like from KNS15 is MOT1N,

Maybe this can help you further.

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