Kit testeur de composants (K8115)

bonjour j’ai assemblé le kit et suivi la procédure l’écran s’allume mais rien n’apparais a l’écran
j’ai vérifier 2 x le montage aucune inscription a l’écran que faut t’il faire
En vous remercient

hello i assembled the kit and followed the procedure the screen lights up but nothing appears on the screen
I checked 2 x the assembly no inscription on the screen what should you do
Thank you

Google translation

I just finished building my K8115 and I am seeing the same issue.
How do I debug this?

Hello Delcroix, Kreinke18,

The problem is IC1 CD4050

Replace it with a new one, normally it will work.
You can also create a ticket here, so that we can send a new IC1 CD4050.

Best regards,
Velleman Support