Kit 8044

Hi I am having a problem with the kit K8044 ten channel light effect generator.

The problem is s follows; On completion .>ld1< was very dim and the board would not reset to any effects or off and on at start up it will flash all the 9 other channels and operate relays, increasing in speed on the variable control. i have replaced the led BUT now it doesnt light at all I and I have no access to any of the effects. I am contemplating repalacing parts BC640 and bc547b on channel one. Any help would be gratefuly recieved.

Most likely one ore more assembly errors.
Sorry, this forum does not allow picture uploads
If you can provide LINKS (e.g. by using a free online picture base) to HI-RES and SHARP pics of your assembly (both solder- and component side)
then we can take a look and provide some feedback.
Did you mount a jumper to select the number of channels used?

Thank you for your prompt reply. I dont think it is consrtuction error as I use an overhead maginfier to assemble all my work plus i now have a usb micro scope to get even closer in to the joints, all are ok. One thing that keeps coming back is you say have iselected a jumper, this could be my fault as i have inserted ALL the jumpers. Do I have to remove 1 to 9 to allow it to function correctly. Again thank you for your help (this not the first velleman kit just the first tto baffle me)


K8044 needs just one jumper in the highest amount of channels you are going to use.

If you are only going to use 6 channels you mount the 1 jumper in position 6.
If you are going to use all 10 channels then mount 1 jumper in position 10.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for all the help, I feel such an idiot but some time the translation /instruction can be a bit funny. I am not passing the blame i am the idiot, just saw some hole left and wire in the kit and soldered them in, Again thank you.