KISSlicer with Repetier for K8200 printer

I am trying to use KISSlicer (V, May 2013) with a K8200 under Repetier (V 0.84).

I take a .stl file that works perfectly well under Slic3r and generate the gcode, which then I load into Repetier. However, in the 3D viewer all I get is only a few blue lines (sometimes not even that). The lines appear to be on the “floor” and outside the cage.

How should I configure both programs to work together?

Thanks in advance, Ricardo.


it’s tricky - practically none of the defaults are correct for the k8200.
I now use KISslicer (but separately from Repetier - you can’t seem to call it directly from Repetier). I still use Repetier to check the slicing, it has a good GCODE viewer. I can view the gcode from KISslicer without problems with this set up.

Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier… I was so excited getting KISSlicer to work, I started a new post:

in it I’ve posted my settings.