KAEDU STEM Shield for Arduino and English Projects, Where?

I bought the KAEDU STEM shield for the Arduino and assembled it. Now I’m looking for the English curriculum. I see all sorts of fun stuff to do out there but I’m not Dutch. Please Help!

I had the same reaction. Anxious to see what might have already been developed.

For all English speaking visitors who are searching for an English demo of the KAEDU shield there is a solution.

On this youtube playlist there are video’s that demonstrate a KAEDU test program. The program makes use of the switch, the pushbuttons, 6 LEDS, potentiometer and NTC, serial communication, PIEZO, …

The explanation movie explains the program so you could be familiarized with instructions such as (digitalWrite, AnalogRead, …)

On the same youtube chanel there are also playlists in dutch with projects, you could download these example programs there to use on the KAEDU shield. The explanation is in dutch, if you set the subtitles on in English you are getting reasonable correct translations of what’s explain. Sometimes the AI gets the translation completely wrong.

If you are wanted some explanation of a particular item and can’t find how to do this while using the AI translation of youtube you could ask it here, I am making these tutorials for tutoring students of secundairy schools here in Belgium.

Hello Franklin,

Thanks for this feedback, and well documented info. :pray: :slight_smile:
This will certainly help students starting with arduino!

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