K8800 vertex delta 3d printer stuck on home position

K8800 printer looks to be stuck on the auto-home position. After it homes it doesn’t move no matter what I do. Any ideas?

See attached video.

Bump. I’m desperate here. Nobody knows what to do? :cry:

It won’t calibrate on the XYZ-Axis and level the bed or move the printhead while it’s printing.
It doesn’t move from its position after auto-homing during those actions.

Hello sdirkx,

Check the pulleys on motors X Y Z (if they are fixed well with setscrew: sometimes it’s loose).

Then Reset the main board:

  1. Push on rotary knob to open the menu:
  2. Go to SETTINGS
  3. Restore failsafe
  4. Initialize EEPROM
  5. Store Settings
  6. go to Vertex Calibration
  7. Auto Home
  8. Calibrate Height
  9. Auto Calibration
  10. after message “Calibration OK” => Store Settings.

Hope this will help.

Best regards,
Velleman Support

Thank you. This worked.

Hello sdirkx,

Nice to hear that this solved your problem.
Thanks for your feedback.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support