K8800 Stops printing

I am printing on my K8800 from Vertex Delta Repetier V2.0.5, and suddenly the printer stops with the nozzle in the middle of the design. After about 1 minute the printing continues, and this could happen several times during a printout. I have checked the USB cable and also printed from SD card with the same problem. Any idea what is the problem anyone?
I am using Simplify3d with K8800 profile to create the gcode

I don’t really know much about the K8800 but your stepper drivers could be overheating

Thanks, yes that could be the problem. I am going to change the brass bearings to linear bearings to let it work easier.

Now I don’t know if that is possible with your printer, but on my k8200 I solved that problem by putting some heatsinks on the drivers (they are really inexpensive, like 0.90 euros a piece), and i’m planning on some active cooling for the board itself

Before you do anything you should download and install the Repetier software for the K8800.
If it works without a problem then you would know it’s not the K8800 and really start looking at Simplify If not then look at the printer.
Is there anything on the LCD screen when it’s doing this?

Must have been some temporary electric glitches because it never happened again?


Glad to hear everything is OK now.