K8800 printing problem

At the start of print, I have a sudden shift in my print. The belts are not loose at all, so I don’t understand what the cause is. Here you can see the video:video

Does the sliders move smoothly?
Do you feel sudden resistance?

The sliders moved, but not very smoothly. I added some extra fine oil, and now it runs fine, thanks.

I have encountered another issue. Sometimes, with a fast travel form one point to another, the printing nozzle scrapes over the printed part, sometimes resulting in magnets of the print head detaching from the rods. What can I do to solve this?

Hello Scalle0479,

Check your first layer this if very important. Not too deep or too high in Buildtak.
If not oke => calibration is not oke. So go through this troubleshooting guide:
https://manuals.velleman.eu/article.php?id=790 § Calibration issues. Check every step and adjust were possible.

Degrease the bed each time before printing, and do this on both sides as the bed level sensor rely on a clean surface to work properly. Also a clean Buildtak sheet works much better.

For “nozzle scrapes over printed part” You can follow this topic to solve it: Scratching surface when travelling

Use also these “travel” settings:

Use also the Ultimaker Cura software for slicing the 3D models: https://ultimaker.com/nl/software/ultimaker-cura It has a newer engine than Repetier.

Velleman support

Thanks for the tips! I’ll try them later today. If the problem still persists, I’ll come back to you.

Kind regards!