K8800 printer extruder and fillement problems

beste allen,

Ik ben een jaar trotse bezitter van een ender 3, maar naar veel gespeelt te hebben met deze printer vond ik het tijd voor een upgrade. Op een beurs kwam ik velleman tegen en hier heb ik de k8800 gekocht. helaas vind ik hier wel problemen in de printer en ik weet niet hoe dit op te lossen is.

er zijn 2 problemen die ik ondervind, de extrudor blijft tikken onder het printen. het lijkt of die het fillement te snel wil duwen waardoor de kop het niet aan kan. ik print op 210 graden met REAL PLA.
een video hiervan om het duidelijker te maken:

ook heb ik het probleem dat soms halverwege de print de kop verstopt raakt. wanneer ik hetzelfde fillement in de andere printer laad is hier geen probleem mee. Ik print nu al een jaar met het merk real en heb deze problemen nooit eerder ondervonden.
een video voor verduidelijking hier:

weet iemand mogelijk hoe deze problemen veroorzaakt worden en eventuelen oplossingen?

Met vriendelijke groet,
Tim van Keulen

Dear everyone,

I am a proud owner of an ender 3 for a year, but after having played a lot with this printer I thought it was time for an upgrade. I came across velleman at a fair and here I bought the k8800. unfortunately I find problems here in the printer and I don’t know how to solve this.

there are 2 problems I encounter, the extrudor keeps ticking while printing. it seems as if he wants to push the fillement too quickly so that the head cannot handle it. I print at 210 degrees with REAL PLA.
a video of this to make it clearer:

I also have the problem that sometimes the head gets clogged halfway through the print. when I load the same fillement in the other printer there is no problem with this. I have been printing with the real brand for a year now and have never encountered these problems before.
a video for clarification here:

does anyone know how these problems are caused and any solutions?

Tim van Keulen

Which slicer do you use?
Is the stepper motor reference voltage correct?

Which slicer do you use?
I’m using the latest version of cura

Is the stepper motor reference voltage correct?
I guess you mean this, I didn’t check this. Https://m.imgur.com/a/8zi6YGy

Yes that is correct :slight_smile:

I checked the reference voltage and it was 1.046.

I changed it to 1.05, but in the instruction I see you can have ± 0.01V different so i guess this cant be the problem

Yes that looks good :slight_smile:
Did change any slicer settings?
is the tube properly inserted?

I tried to lower the flow rate, unfortunately this is a huge impact for my print quality.
Also i tryed to change the retraction speed, i think there is something wrong with this and the hotend gets constipated by this. Every time i change fillement mid-printing it gets stuck. Sometimes the auto fillement detector thinks there is no fillement anymore when it is, for this i want to trying print this upgrade : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3440278
maybe you can share slicer settings and on a test cube or something so we can try of my settings are wrong?

about the tube, it looks like there is a gab between the tube and hotend, every time i start up i have the same bulb at the end. I need to remove the the tube en connector on the hot end set the nozzle to 240 and give fillement by hand to unconstipated the hotend.

I Have the same problem, i can print whit PLA if i heat it up to 255 degrees.


did you ever solve this problem?
I have the same problem but only with some prints. On some it works fine on some extruder start ticking after 2 hours of printing. Extruder is ticking and head doesnt extrude fillament, just continue working “in air”
Iz must be software issue because on othe prints it works fine.