K8800 - Nozel too close to the bed during first layer

Hi Everyone, I have just recently bought a K8800 and tried setting it up following the online manual.
Everything seemed to be fine until I started my first print, the nozzle seems to be too close to one or more sides (depends on the size of the print),which causes little to no filament to come out during the printing as visible here.

The nozzle edges into the Buildtek layer at some spots because of this.
I have a video of it doing it here

I have tried resetting the printer and doing a re-calibration using the following method:

Go the menu Vertex calibration:
2: Do Calibrate HEIGHT.
3: Do Auto Calibration.
4. Save Settings

This did not fix the problem, nothing changed at all.

This is a list of things I have tried:

  • I’ve tried using paper stacking on the piezo sensor of each side to see if it effected the bed level.

  • Re-Tighten the belts + checking if the end stops are on the correct height.

  • Buildtak edges are cut off, cut away a tiny bit of 1 of the studs so the plate is not held too tight.

  • Checked the calibration sensitivity, seems to be fine, but one or more of the sensors might not be sensitive enough. (I’m not sure)

We have the same printer at work and that one seems to be closer to the bed when the nozzle is heating up to its final temperature before actually starting to print, which already seemed odd to me.
That printer works fine btw, so I’m getting frustrated since I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is with mine.

Hopefully some of you may know what I did wrong or how I can fix this.
I’m fairly new to de 3D printing scene, so I still have much to learn.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Wouter,
when I see the video, I say 2 x paper on the left, 3 on the right and calibrate again. Then print again, sand your bed with fine sandpaper and wipe with spirits. (see prints of previous prints)
Good luck and hear how it goes.
Kind regards,