K8800 Cleaning filament

I’ve bought cleaning filament to prevent extruder clogging but can’t find anything about how to run it through the Delta vertex. Do I need to use gcodes to get the cleaning filament to run through the hot end?

Hello @gsd147

I don’t have a K8800 but I have a K8400.
I also bought cleaning filament.

On my K8400, I disconnect the PTFE tube and after having preheated the head for PLA, I pass by pushing about ten centimeters by hand.
However, I did not find any real improvement when I had a partial obstruction of my nozzle. The use of a cold pull-off method seems to be more efficient.
Also prugging with a “normal” filament seems equivalent.
But I may not be using this cleaning filament properly.

In the case of a change of printing material to a printing material with a lower printing temperature. from ABS to PLA for example, it is necessary to purge the ABS residues in the nozzel, by passing manualy about 10cm of PLA filament at the printing temperature of the ABS then quickly return to the printing temperature of the PLA.


Thanks for your reply.
I’m not sure how well a cold pull would work on the K8800 as the print head is supported by magnetic balls. I’d be concerned about damaging the hot end.

I know there are gcodes to heat the extruder and gcodes to extrude a given length of filament but wondered if anyone had tried this method on the Vertex Delta. Does anyone know if Velleman support the use of cleaning filament on the K8800?