K8600 - Z-axis don't work good

I’ve just gone into this wonderfull 3DPrint’s world , with my new Nano Print Vertex !!!
Building it was very pleasant ; and good to understand the working of the 3dPrint and be able to maintain it.

So, I have a problem !

Since the beginning my Z axis is not working good.
I try various adjustments with the spring on the rod. Because if it’s to strong, the motor can’t turn it up ; if it’s to light the print don’t work good (the 3th slide is in the same high of the first and the second… the axe Z don’t go up)

I use a good silicon lubrification of all the axis.

I’ve notice too that the rod is a little bit bent.

This thing already happen to someone here ?
I can’t print anything with this problem, so, I may change the rod / nut / sprint to have something more optimal. Do someone have done that here ?

Some advices ?

Thanks to your read.

Hello @Boby_D !
I dont have a K8600 but a K8400 (not the same but 3d printers have some common things …)

Yes the rod and threaded rod must be as straight as possible !

Good lubrication helps, provided you clean them well, they should not be sticky, in this case in a well ventilated room use 90 ° alcohol or acetone on a clean cloth to clean them before lubrification.

Check that the coupler screws are tight. To check that it does not let the threaded rod slip, put with a marker a point that marks the coupler and the rod at the junction as a control point (if the rod slip, the point will be broken …) . try something like in the photo, the green mark but for your threaded rod and the coupler and possibly also for the motor shaft and the coupler.

Too much flow can create layers that are too thick :

So to be sure that it comes from the Z axis use an object of known height to compare to a Z displacement of this height, if the object passes roughly below the head you will be sure that the displacement has been good …

Do not hesitate to add photos to illustrate your problems. (Cropped, Compressed, Resized so that the file does not exceed ~750 KB to easily drag and drop them into the editing area of the forum.)

Hoping to help, have a nice day !

Thank you PPAC for your answer.

So I’ve cheak all of that. I try another adjustment to my spring.
And I put more motor-cable up, because may be it was a little short too.
I put a mark on my axis as you show me. It’s a very good tip.
Now it’s working really really better !

I show you the before / after.

WHEN THE Z AXIS DON’T MOVE WELL (slices are flat)


I’m so addict : you just have to do the things carefully and it’s work :wink:
Now, clearly I have to find how to change my oozing problem.
An other adventure.

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Glad to see you have better results !

For less oozing, try to print with a lower temperature (ex : -5 °C, -10°C) but dont go lower than 180°C for PLA !
Distance and retraction speed also play a role …

To avoid using raft, if you have warping, you have to clean your buildtak with glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol (an alcohol without a lubricating agent …)
Also just fingerprints can disturbe adhesions … (best to clean every time befor printing )
And lightly scrap and / or lightly sand the buildtak to create micro adhesions.

Have a nice day !

Very good. Thank for all your advices !