K8400 y carriage/software problem?


Can anyone please help?
I have just finished the build of my k8400 kit, x and y carriage and rods aligned so that they move when printer is tilted (with bets off)
but, in the video at around 1m31s - you will see the y carriage stop/stall for a few seconds and then carry on. I have tried print from both pc and sd card, same thing happens. Also tried moving object from centre to near home position and still same thing???
There is no physical obstruction, nor and like belt “skipping” noises/juddering.
any help will be very gratefully recieved


Ok so thought Id swap y driver with x driver and sure enough, same problem but on the x axis.

… I guess therefore, I have answered my own question, driver fault? So any ideas where i can get spares from please?

Your printer is under warranty so just send a ticket (http://support.velleman.eu/) and ask for a new one.

Your driver seems to be overheating and that is mostly due to an incorrect current setting. This should be done in the factory but you can do it at home. The ref voltage should be around 0.925V