K8400 Y-axis issue during setup

Just built the K8400 and was moving through the setup of leveling the bed.

At the end of autohome the head moves smoothly then clicks loud at the end.

Moving the head 10mm+ on x-axis, everything fine.
Moving the head 10mm+ on y-axis, motor makes loud clicking sound, head moves very little.

[ul]Swapped x motor with y motor, same issue with y-axis.
Checked voltage on y-stepper driver, looks fine. .91 V
No issues displayed on lcd screen.
Latest firmware. M=1.0 V:1.4 HDS: 1
tension on belts seem ok
nothing seems to be rubbing or interfering with movement.[/ul]

Uploaded video to youtube to show issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Soi7cL_ztRM

Any help to diagnose problem would be great.

My printer makes the same sound when he is blocked during a movement

Check the alignment of your axis : [color=#408040]Wiki[/color].

Finally got some time to work on this and you were correct. I pulled it apart all the way to the rods and started over and paid close attention to the alignment steps and no problems now.

I used the wrench method, great idea. Wish the printer included the XY-Carriage Helper pieces from Thingiverse, those would be so useful BEFORE you are able to print them.

Thanks for your help @raby!!!