K8400: Top / bottom layer issue

How is it possible to select more Top and bottom layers in repetier host with cura engine slicer ?
My top and bottom layers dont close fine, even in preview.

In top / bottom you enter in millimeters

Number of layers x Layer height = value that you must enter in Top / Bottom.
5 x 0.2 = 1mm
Number of lines x nozzle diameter = value for Shell
3 x 0.35 = 1.05

So if i understand when i’m using 0.15 layer height then:
Top/Bodem thickness = 0.75
Shell thickness = 1.05

Why 3 number of lines ?

Are these good settings to get my Top and bottom compleet filled ?

As you wrote. Personally, I use 3 on the bottom and sides and 5 on the top for better quality.

Three are just an example.
the number of lines and the number of layers are custom modifiers