K8400. Skrivaren stannar under utskrift

Utan att jag kan se någon orsak, stannar skrivaren mitt under utskrift. Under en 5 timmars utskrift blev det stopp med 30 minuter kvar. Hur kan jag få igång utskriften igen?
Någon som har förslag på lösningar? Det är inte första gången det händer. Då har jag startat om all programvara, då har det kanske fungerat.

Good morning !

Are you printing from an SD card? (try to format the SD card (Fat32/4096) or even change the SD card, or even clean the contacts, check the connections between the screen and the motherboard, that the vibration does not create a bad contact in the connections of the screen up to the motherboard…)

or via a USB connection from for example Repetier Host?
No error message in the repetier Host logs?

No temperature drop measured?

N.B. : please use a translator like google translate

K8400. The printer stops printing
Vertex 3D Printer

For no apparent reason, the printer stops in the middle of printing. During a 5 hour printout, there was a stop with 30 minutes left. How can I start printing again?
Anyone have suggestions for solutions? This is not the first time this has happened. Then I restarted all the software, then it might have worked.

I was printing via USB connection from Repetier Host. No error messages. No temp drop.
When I start again everything is without any trouble.

There are checkboxes to have complete logs under repetier host, check which are all checked.

But, unfortunately the USB connections are rather unstable.

  • the slightest interference from the USB (connecting or disconnecting another USB thing on the PC can interfere
  • a magnetic field can interfere if long and unshielded USB cable (like starting a motor on the same electrical supply …)
  • and on the PC an update, an antivirus scan, a too greedy screen saver, … using the PC to do something else can interfere and cause you to lose the connection

To avoid this, print from the SD card. (one of quality that is no more than 32GB to be able to format it in fat32 with unit blocks of 4096)

I have tried the checkboxes, but have never got any results from them. Perhaps I am using it wrong?
Is there any special way?
I will follow your advise and use SD card.

check them all ?

But on a communication blockage there is not necessarily a specific message (it is mainly to check that there is not a firmware error …)
If you still have problems via SD card then you will have to question the motherboard … the connections …

Thank you. I appriciate your kind answer.