K8400: Hotend not heating up


during my last print the hotend1 was not able to keep the temperature and was dropping from 190°C to 165°C. A few seconds later, it stopped heating at all.
I lay the printer on the front side to have a look on the motherboard. Maybe only a cable got loose.
When doing this I have seen, that the cable loom (K8400-WL-EW) got burned. I think also the extruder board (P8400EXTED’TW) got damaged.
To be sure I’d like to exchange both. so I searched for spare parts.
I was able to find the cable loom (K8400-WL-EW) but not a spare extruder board (P8400EXTED’TW).
Can you sent me a link?
The order codes i retreived from (https://manuals.whadda.com/article.php?id=4)

Many Thanks, BR Thomas

Hello @xerox2k2 !

Sorry to see you have trouble ( from a K8400 user !)

I have found from previous search some vendors for P8400EXTED’TW
but not many and only in europe, and you have all the time 3 optical end-stop in the packadge and i don’t have tested these vendor …

So you should wait for an answer from one of the “VEL…” admin of the forum before ordering … (the last time they send one to the user after telling him to PM them is postal adresses …)



Hoping you will have soon some kind answer from the forum admins ! Have a nice day !