K8400 Dual head temprature issue


I have the vertex K8400 and I tried to print with 2 nozzles.
My print temperature is 200°c and my standby temperature is 195°c.
But when I’m printing with nozzle 1. My temperature for nozzle 2 is 185°c.

While printing, if he changes his nozzle. He says “Heating extruder” but he immediately starts printing. So he prints with a temperature of 185°c but it’s rising to 200°c.

How can I fix the standby temperature and say that he needs to wait until the nozzle has reached the correct temperature?

Use other software, the ‘not used’ extruder needs to be retracted. Use simplify 3D print, there you can regulate the temp, so the heating begins at a certain layer. you have to examine well your model