K8400 crashing randomly

Hi All I’ve been getting the following error randomly. It can occur during prints or after prints.

“Basically the communication Timeout -reset buffer block” comes up in repetier and the machine stops with everything staying on if its on ie heaters.
I reimaged the computer and installed repetier 1.6.2 and rechecked all the settings. still happening but this time I happened to look at the display on the printer

It seems the error is the printer crashing for some reason

anyone got any ideas, I reset it and reopen repeteir and it works again… but jobs longer than 1 hr is a risk almost definitely crashes after 3 hrs of printing.



Are you getting any power surges?
AC or heater kicking on?
Is the printer plugged into a power strip?
If so try plugging it directly into the wall.

Not that can tell, the only thing it is plugged into an extension strip, I’ll try plugging it directly into the wall, thanks.

No problem,

I hope that fixes it.

Just an update to this problem, the issue was related to the fact the usb ports weren’t fast enough, they were only usb1.1 since replacing with new laptop with usb 3.0 ports I have not a single issue.

That make sense but would have been my last guess.
Glad to hear it’s better now.