K8204. How do you chance the software after fitting the K820

Hi, I need to know how to change from the normal screw [ old K8200 one] to the K8204 one. How do you change it in the software? The mechanical bits I quite OK with, but I have no idea where to change the config files or maybe in the slicer files, how to get them, what to change from and what to change to. I have tried installing it but find the Z axis is now too great, i.e. the distance traveled by the Z axis is now to greater because of the new thread pitch of the K8204. I know how to change direction but need help on the correct procedures. Any help will be appreciated. Please email me the details to reca69za@hotmail.co.uk THANKS in anticipation for any help. Don

Hi, if your using repeter:
Click on “tools” -> “leadscrew calculator” -> “motor step angle” = 1.8 (360 degrees / 200 steps set by motor type) ->“driver microstepping” = 1/16 (preset on K8200 main board) ->“leadscrew pitch” = Tr8*1.5 (the type & pitch of the leadscrew) -> “gear ratio” = 1:1 (direct drive from the motor) -> “calculate” -> value for steps pre mm, remember this number.
Click on “config” -> “firmware EEPROM settings” -> “Steps per mm” in the “Z” add the value from above -> “save to EEPROM”
That is the only change you should need to make.

Happy printing.