K8203 No Feed, but works with old E board

The X, Y, Z driver lights flash when prog runs but E light doesn’t. I didn’t know if this was because it was stuck or not. So I removed heater and manifold, properly clamped the heater a couple inches from the bridge so as not to burn anything while running, put the manifold on my desk and left the two standoffs attached to bottom of motor mount with filament sticking down between them. I even took roller assy and spring out and could move filament up and down. Same result. So I installed original E driver board, flashed firmware_k8200_v2.1.1, all the lights flash and the filament ratchets up and like it did with the old cogs (which are on my shelf -just in case-) only with direct drive.

So I know the motor still works, it just doesn’t work with new E driver board?