K8203 filament jamming in hex component in extruder

I see there are plenty of threads dated around 2015 associated with the K8203 extruder kit jamming, but nothing since. I upgraded a couple of months ago & have had a couple of jams where the filament gets stuck in the hexagonal shaped piece at the bottom of the extruder, leading into the hot-end.

My guess is that the spring on the driver is too strong, flattening the filament as it passes through, causing complications during complex bits of printing involving a relatively large amount of extruding & retracting relative to actual printing.

Anyone else experiencing this? I’m going to try a different filament type, a looser spring (as suggested in previous prints).



What are you using for your retraction settings. Mine is set to 4.5mm at 60mm/s and doesn’t seem to jam (PLA/PLA+)

Thanks Andy - 5 at 40mm/s. I’ve found printing at a higher temperature seems more reliable. I don’t fully trust the thermistor so need to experiment a bit.